ABSENCE – Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4

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Curated by R\A\W F\O\R\M\S, Nuits et Noirs is a free magazine that is composed mainly of contributions by contacts on social media as Facebook ; Tumblr ; Flickr.


For the forth issue there are 33 contributions to the visual part, from locations in France, Greece, Russia, The Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Cyprus, Urugay, Canada, China


There is a soundpart – this is a still growing project – with currently 13 soundworks by 11 contributions on the theme of Absence:


All works are the property of the creators.

All creators are mentioned in the PDF files, as well in the list below.

No use of any material is allowed.



Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 1

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 2

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 3

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 4

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 5

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 6

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 7

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 8

Nuits et Noirs 4 – part 9



Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 1

1. Aline Moraes – ‘ruinas al revés’


2. Alessandro Keegan


There is a wide variety of forms I use for my paintings and drawings: orbs, tubes, eyes, antennae, triangles and any combination of organic and inorganic shape. One motif that arises often is the hole. These holes can be either clustered or singular. They are neither a perfectly designed orifice nor a diseased crater but somewhere in between. I like to think of these apertures as being like when an artist makes a collage and carefully carves away at a shape in the center of a picture. There is an elegance about such holes but also a disruption.

The three images I am presenting here represent studies from my sketchbook where I am focused on the motif of the hole. My relationship to the absence in these drawings is not like the absence of longing for someone or being deprived but more like a shocking, uncanny absence that one experiences when they see a faceless person in a dream. These drawings are wordless ways of expressing the unsettling sense of something missing.

All three works are: “Untitled,” black pencil on paper, approx. 3″x5″ 2016.

Website: alessandrokeegan.com


3. Luciano Montemurro


Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 2

1.Vitaly Maklakov

2. Alejandro Argüelles

3. Benno Koch

4. Marcha Bos

5. Vitaly Maklakov

6. Alejandro Argüelles

7. Benno Koch


Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 3

1. Orit Ziv – ‘Absence of shelter’

2.. Dana de Luca – ‘untitled – 2016’ – Visual blog: danadeluca.tumblr.com/

3. Ladjo Persot – ‘Forever yesterday ; remains the void’

4. Mark C. Jackman – ‘thereupon distress’

5. Elián Stolarsky – Stills from the video ‘ab_sense’ – vimeo.com/181399330

6. Dana de Luca – ‘untitled – 2016’

7. Orit Ziv – ‘Absence of courage’

8. Tao Ho – ‘Untitled/Etude’ – Oil paint, Silver gelatin print 8×10 inch, 2016 – Tao Ho (China) www.htaoart.com/

9. Mark C. Jackman – ‘post malice’


Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 4


Vanessa Buhrig  – ‘iconic memory’

video: vimeo.com/179781313


2 – 4

Nieves Mingueza


4 – 7

Michaela Knížová –  polaroids from the series Black Polaroids (Das Trauma der Geburt) from 2015-2016.



Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 3


1 Benno Koch


2 -4 Sofia Demetriou

Nonsensical sequences unfold
Crumbled relations, impermanence
Obdurate inclinations, the smell of a pile

Reflections of burning matters
Tiny obstacles that whirl into completion
Exonerate, reset, connect

Dismiss the refute, salute the vortex
Sentiment, logic,
Occurrences of subtlety

Withdraw transcendence
Deep sight obscurity
Goodbye calamity
Sofia Demetriou
Series: Light Echoes / Attuned as Absence /


5 – 7 Nikos Mouras

‘It’s a daily struggle, synchronizing the elements of our environment with those within our personalities. This gets only harder when we realize that some parts are always absent, de facto and/or due to misconception. So we simply stroll, looking up and down, trying to rationalize the situation; or simply trying to make excuses for ourselves.’

All works © Nikos Mouras




8 Alejandro Argüelles


Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 6

1 Luc Fierens


2-4 Frédéric Khodja

‘Photogrammes du film infilmé’ / 2016


5 Lydia Lazarus


6-7 Silviu Et Irina Székely


‘Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air.’

— Pablo Neruda, excerpt from “Sonnet XCIV”



Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 7

1. 5. 8. 9.

Pierre-Yves Freund



2. 4. 7.

Sophie-Anne Herin



3. 6.

Elián Stolarsky – Stills from the video ‘ab_sense’


Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 8

1. 5. 10.

Elie Dabrowski  – ‘Maldiction’

2. 9.



Artwork of the album ‘Machine Made God’



‘Machine Made God’ explores the dot and the line, the blank and void, the noise and silence of creation.


Taped at CLARA, Clara is a recording facility for electro-acoustic and experimental music. The studio is situated in an old nuclear shelter in the city of Arnhem, east Holland, near the German border. There is a soundproof space, plus a large hall. In combination, the two provide a unique sound.

3. 8.




John Jansen

Stathis Vitouladitis – Untitled, 2016

Jacob DeRaadt – ‘Industrial landscapes’



Nuits et Noirs Nr. 4 – PART 9

1. 2. 3.
Lana Land

  1. ‘Homage to David Lynch’
  2. ‘Incision’
  3. n.t.


Martin van den Oever

‘Archive of the void (in Dutch: ‘Archief van de leegte’) is an ongoing stereo-photo project started in the early 90s. In these stereo-negatives of landscapes Martin van den Oever studies the differences of perception between space, depth and void.’


Orit Ziv – ‘Absence of skin’

6. 7. 8.
Sophie Jodoin